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  • Registration deposit: $50 by May 1st, $100 after May 1st, $150 after June 1st, $150 after July 1st plus a $50 registration charge per player.
  • All B skaters will be evaluated and drafted according to MAHA rules.
  • This form must be dated, signer's name printed and a full signature of parent or guardian in place before the skater will be considered registered.
  • GLAHA accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express .
  • Regular payments throughout the summer and fall are encouraged. GLAHA - PO Box 1238, East Lansing MI 48826-1238. Include skater name with the payment.
  • All uncollected fees will be turned over to a collection agency and collection agency fees will assessed to the balance due to GLAHA.
PLEASE NOTE04/27/13 GLAHA registration form has been fixed and is working as expected. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has cause you & your family!
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